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Brighton NC Machine Corporation has brought top-tier products, superior manufacturing talent, and unwavering commitment to quality to the Midwest since 1965

Unmatched CNC Manufacturing Expertise

Although our Midwestern NC machine corporation began well over 50 years ago, we have relentlessly pursued the latest technology and machinery, integrating it into our production facilities. Some of our state-of-the-art equipment include:

  • Diverse machines for product tests and assemblage
  • Automated assembly cells featuring robotic integrations
  • Turning tables and centers
  • Grinders
  • CNC Machining Centers with work envelops up to 84”x72”x72”

Our extensive collection of in-house machinery allows us to design and build components for large or small-scale projects.

Our talented, long-standing team members and diverse equipment allow us to craft custom designs and experiment with client ideas. We test and measure each product to ensure it meets your exact specifications. Then, we’ll calibrate each piece to perfection before mass-producing it.

Discover the Brighton NC Difference

What makes Brighton NC Machine Corporation a preferred manufacturer above other CNC machining companies throughout the Midwest? We carefully crafted a blueprint for success, customer satisfaction, and uncompromising product quality through precision. You can’t afford to complete any project with poorly manufactured products lest you sacrifice your reputation.

Our team’s multi-industry experience, extensive machining capabilities, and superior skill level ensure that you never worry about tight turnarounds or mishaps on our account. Plus, our CNC manufacturing services surpass production quality. Customer focus and care are at the core of each service.

Our representatives are attentive, personable, and flexible, ensuring the machinists incorporate each requirement into the final product. The result is well-made parts and complete satisfaction, exceeding all of our customer's expectations along the way.

Industries served

Since 1965, Brighton NC has been providing machining solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. Every customer has unique needs and each industry has specific standards. We recognize that and deliver industry-specific solutions. It’s because of our investment in state-of-the-art machining technology, including vertical and horizontal machine centers and lathes, that we can produce quality products for our customers in the following industries:





Class 8 Truck




Industries We Serve
Brighton NC CNC Machining

Our Expertise in Precision CNC Machining

We partner with numerous major automotive producers, including Ford, Rolls Royce, and General Motors. Our automotive CNC machining services extend from the cars, trucks, and vans you frequently see on the road to Class 8 truck parts for heavy-duty rigs. We have worked on parts for safety features, engines, drag links, and steering arms.

Brighton NC Machine Corporation has also provided military CNC machining services to assist the military and defense sectors in protecting and serving our nation. The U.S. Military requires manufacturers to adhere to the strictest of standards. Our team consistently demonstrates they are up for the tasks with ever-evolving techniques, mastery of innovative technology, and uncompromising quality assurance. Our MTY cylinder liners exceed our military client’s previous productions.


Our Commitment to Excellence

How do we keep setting new, lofty standards across the manufacturing industry? We constantly evolve. Growth and progress demand that any successful company improve, innovate, and invent new ways to stay ahead.

Our machinists are like manufacturing monks, intently focusing on the following:

  • Continued education and training
  • Mastering up-and-coming technologies
  • Improving production processes
  • Focus on the details laid out by each customer while reading between the lines

We keep our company certified to retain our authoritative position within the industry. Our current certifications include:

  • ASR Certificate of Registration for Precision Lathe, Mill, Grinding Operations, and Assembly
  • AVU Registrations Certificate for Precision Lathe, Mill, Grinding Operations, and Light Assembly
  • ISO 14001 
  • ISO 9001
  • IATF
  • PSI
  • NIST Compliance

Your partnership with us puts product integrity and compliance first. 

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Explore CNC Machine Solutions with Brighton NC Machine Corporation

Do you have an engineering challenge you need to tackle? Brighton NC Machine Corporation is ready to partner with you to develop an enduring, reliable solution. Choose us as your go-to machining service in the Midwest for consistent product quality and excellence.

We proudly serve Michigan and other Midwestern territories with CNC solutions. Call 810-214-3346 to speak with a representative about your project specifications. You can also contact us online to learn more about our services or discuss your manufacturing needs.

Put over half a century of excellence to work for you.


Our Clients

Ford is a great client of ours at Brighton NC. We specifically created solutions for them that will be in greater detail once I have all of the information and machine information we used for them.

We are proud to have worked with Ford on numerous occasions building out the proper automotive parts at our shop in Michigan.