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Our Materials

BNC manages a diverse global supply base with a modern MRP system that directly links our
customer releases and shop floor scheduling.

• Grey Cast Iron
• Ductile Iron
• Austempered Ductile Iron
• Nickel Alloy
• Stainless Steel
• Steel, Cast & Forged
• Steel Bar & Fabrications
• Cobalt Based Super Alloys

• Magnesium
• Titanium
• Aluminum Sand & Die-cast
• Aluminum Bar
• Copper
• Brass
• Specialty Friction Material
• Plastics

Our Suppliers

Waupaca Foundry
Frazer & Jones
Castings PLC
Benton Foundry
Alro Metals
Quality Casting Company
EMJ Metals
Huron Castings
Ross Sand Casting
Bremen Foundry
Rochester Metal Products

Aluminum Alloys Foundry
Carlisle Friction
Industrias Alga
Kent Foundry
Manitowoc Foundry
RLM Industries
Northfield Manufacturing
Wisconsin Aluminum
Von Roll Casting