CNC Machining Services for the Military Defense Industry

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Brighton NC's Services the Military Defense Industry

Brighton NC is proud to serve the U.S. Military by manufacturing parts needed for various military vehicles and military defense. The demand for high-quality manufacturing in the military industry is high, and we are guaranteed to deliver top-notch products to the military. See our Military Defense work in the photos below.

Brighton NC's Past Work in the Military Defense Industry

MTU Cylinder Liner Takeover

  • MTU approached BNC to produce DDC 2-cycle cylinder liners.
  • Their supplier at the time was less then 10% for on-time deliveries, with quality rejections of ~20%.
  • BNC was awarded the program and launched 143 part numbers in 2009.
  • Process includes milling, turning, centerless grinding, honing, brushing, classification, and management of two outside heat treat processes.
  • Since launch, BNC has produced more than 750,000 liners, with a PPM of 2.7.

Our Military Defense Work